Hello. I'm Olive a doll maker/illustrator/embroiderer from Manila, Philippines.

OliveCubes is where I share my creations. I started making dolls back in 2012 and has since then expanded creating an assortment of items. Feel free to browse our socmed sites. I mainly sell my wares at my website, conventions, and sometimes in socmed platforms which are below:

FB/IG/Twitter: @olivecubes

Here at OliveCubes, we create soft toys inspired by anime, manga, TV, film, and pop culture references. Our toys are locally made and handcrafted. We use an assortment of soft, vibrant fabrics to achieve the overall shape and look that we need. We try to capture the imagination of people, both young and old with added nostalgia.

OliveCubes is not a factory and cannot mass produce. I may accept bulk orders but with reasonable quantity and deadline. I cater mostly to individuals and hobbyists.


You may also notice a number of bags (ita-bag) available in this website. We have another account dedicated to ita-bags and hobbies @OliveKatzen (FB and IG). Follow us for the newest trends and styles. <3