Care & Maintenance

How to care and maintain your plushies/soft toys

Machine wash:

  1. Place the plushie inside a mesh laundry bag or a pillow case. This protects your plushie from snagging or being pummeled too much in the machine
  2. Always wash it on the gentle/delicate cycle. Use cool water and mild detergent
  3. Gently squeeze out excess water. Hang dry. Don’t put in the dryer.

Hand wash:

What you need:
  • Clean toothbrush (it doesn’t have to be new, just clean)
  • Two clean white washcloths
  • Wash basin
  • Laundry detergent

  1. Dissolve your laundry detergent in cool water
  2. Dip your wash cloth into the detergent solution and squeeze out the excess water. In a circular motion, gently rub the outside of the plushie. Continue doing this until the whole plushie is clean. If there are stains, dip the toothbrush into the detergent solution and very lightly scrub the stain to avoid damaging the plushie
  3. Wet the other washcloth under cool running water leaving it fairly wet and rinse the plushie in a circular motion. Rinse the wash cloth several times as needed to remove the detergent
  4. Gently squeeze out excess water. Hang to dry.

When the plushie is dry, you may want to fluff it up and gently comb it.

Do not use bleach.