What Am I Doing To Help Reduce Plastic Waste?

According to Greenpeace, the Philippines is third worst plastic polluter of oceans. We were even featured in the National Geographic latest issue, Planet or Plastic. Here at OliveCubes, we are taking steps to help curb the problem. If you have purchased from us before, you will notice this paragraph in our website's Order Form/FAQ section:

"When you receive a package from us, you may encounter some re-purposed packaging materials. We are conscious of keeping our footprint small and limiting the amount of waste we generate. So, rather than buying new packaging materials, we re-purpose what we have hanging around. See if you can keep their life going (and pay it forward) by finding clever ways to re-purpose them!"

That's right. We've been using re-purposed packaging whenever we ship out orders. I think we started doing this 3-4 years ago. We keep plastic bags, paper, bubble wrap, and strings. We haven't received any complaint from our customers yet. That's a good sign and we plan to continue doing this. Local couriers still wouldn't accept packages without their mailing bags though. Except for one; https://blitz.delivery/home

At events/conventions, we have shifted from plastic bags and opted for paper bags. It would be great if con goers would all bring their own bags too. Being an online and convention merchant, it is impossible to completely avoid plastic. Almost everything comes packaged in plastic. The small steps that we take may seem irrelevant or useless but we believe that it is better than doing nothing. Imagine what 7 billion humans could accomplish if we all took action.

Our convention display board

You can find great tips and resources online if you wish to help the cause. There are even Facebook groups dedicated to help members lead a zero-waste lifestyle.