25 July 2015

Of FriendSHIPs and Bracelets

The last time I blogged was... last year! If there are any people who do read my blog thank you so much and please accept my sincere apology for not making updates. ; w ;

Moving forward, I am still here making plushies. Recently I have started making accessories. Not the usual key chains and mobile phone charms but...


Here are the ones I recently made. I am quite proud and I personally find them really cute. >.< I use a SoMako one. :D

Yowamushi Pedal (Sohoku and HakoGaku), Free! (Iwatobi and Samezuka)

Haikyuu!! (Karasuno, Aoba Jousai, and Nekoma)

I couldn't wear them all. I would if I could!

I used flat, wooden beads for this. The images were transferred on to the beads then treated with top coat and gloss. It's water resistant! The bead I used has two sides. I can place two similar or two different images on each bead. I might accept custom orders in the future but I have to sort out some things first before I could offer that. The straps are adjustable. It can fit any wrist size. :D This can also be customized. I have an assortment of colors to choose from. ^^ I also added bells and charms  to complete the look.

There's not much to update really. But if you are curious about what I've been doing this year you should follow me on Facebook and Instagram. That's where I usually post updates. :D I am currently busy doing partnerships/tie-ups with amazing individuals. I hope everything will push through! It would mean a lot to me. I still don't have any assistants, I still do everything myself with a lot of help from Gau (Thanks so much!). You can catch me at conventions/events. Mostly anime and fandom related. I am actively updating my event page so please go have a look. ^^

I wanted to try subscribing to a shopping cart service. Any recommendations? I am quite interested with Big Cartel. I created an account but I am still deciding whether to get a paid service or not.

I think that's it. Thanks for reading (if you reached this part). Will try update this blog too as often as possible. Until next post!