04 April 2014

Flash Sentry and Summer

Custom Order: Flash Sentry, full body pony

This is the second full body pony request I finished this year (the first one was Applejack). There are at least two more pending. He stands 9 1/2" tall with removable armor. If you want your very own pony, please feel free to contact me. :)

It takes longer to finish custom orders during summer. I can't work from 11am-7pm because the heat is unbearable, all the lint sticks to my body, the sewing machine heats up easily, etc. I use the time during the day constructing this blog/website, editing photos, catching up on some sleep, and doing other house chores. I then start working at 7pm and finish at around 4am-5am (with little or no break) and wake up at around 9am because of the heat.

I hate summer. There's so little you can do because of the heat. When it's cold, you just put on extra layers of clothing and you can still do lots of things.

Anyway, photos! 


Next week is TAGCOM 2014. The first convention happening this April.

8th TAGCOM 2014
SM Megamall, Megatrade Hall 3
12-13 April 2014

Click on the link to go to the Facebook event page.

See you!

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