26 March 2014

Shoe Wings

New shop item: Shoe wings!

Summer is here! Instead of going on a vacation I am at home crafting new items for the shop.

Shoe wings come in pairs. I measured this to fit Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. They flap back and forth when you walk just like real wings! I wore mine when I went grocery shopping. People would look at my shoes instead of my outfit haha!

On hand pieces are in black and white. Other colors, custom sizes, and shapes can be requested. :)

Get your very own pair for only php350! Feel free to contact me for any questions. ^^

Black shoe wings:
This is the prototype and the one I am currently using. I used fabric markers to emphasize the details. I will not use fabric markers for future pieces. Instead, the indents will be more prominent similar to the photo below:

White shoe wings:
Improved item. Notice the indents on the wing details.

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